A haven for both birds & you!

Wonder is the first of all passions and bird migration is one of the greatest wonders of the natural world. A vast diversity of birds makes the journey every year during the seasons most suited to them.

Migration is an accomplishment of survival that involves vigor and stamina. However, human activities and extreme technological interference have led to an additional threat to the bird kingdom. Every year, it's recorded that millions of birds are legally killed by collision with artificial structures or even electrocution. And global warming is another imperative reason that is causing a habitat change for the birds. Starving and tired birds may take a break and find out that their chosen sites are destroyed by farming or urbanization.

Here’s where Lake City by Incor chooses to be different from other urban townships. Our project is not only designed aesthetically for humans but thoughtfully secure for the feathered creatures. Because we wanted to be called a natural habitat, we picked the spot with an extensive frontage facing the lake, and this lake has many beautiful migratory visitors. Eye-pleasing flights make this site worth investing in.

With the cityscape growing in leaps and bounds, it becomes tricky to restore nature and parts of it. So, when we found a suitable locale and purpose, we grabbed it with both hands. Hence, that resulted in making a masterpiece of Lake City by Incor. The expansive lake is spread across an area of almost a kilometre. The tranquil and clean lake provides a favourable environment for hundreds of migratory and domestic flying species. There is a spectacular variety of birds that can be observed here. If you are a bird watcher, then this place is a paradise for you as you cannot find such different species housing in one place. Majorly the birds that come here include flocks of Indian Pelican, Ibis, and many more. Get hold of a good site at this serene lakeside residential project, as it is a different experience to watch this delightful view of an unbelievable variety of birds in one place.

The best time for the migratory birds to visit our site is the onset of winter. If you want to catch a glimpse of flocks, then reach our project space on the weekend before the sun rises and wait to see a mesmerizing sight.